Following the summer hits ‘Feel It’ and ‘Radiance’, Amelie Lens returns to EXHALE and ends the year with the pulsating hymn ‘You and Me’.

Rounding off her ‘You and Me’ EP, the title track stands as a testament to Amelie’s ongoing journey in the electronic music universe. With ‘You and Me’, Amelie dives even deeper into the uncharted depths of her musical soul, delivering an audacious composition marked by trance-infused bass, captivating acid tones, irresistibly dynamic drums, and an epic energy surge. Her distinctive and enveloping voice takes center stage during the break, crafting a hypnotic and compelling ambiance.

“In the embrace of infinity, we become one with the pulsating universe. Surrendering to eternity, we transcend into the melody of trance and acid. We reach for the lasers and embrace the lights, entering a state of higher consciousness while floating through the sky” – the lyrics are a poetic voyage, encapsulating the transformative essence that only an artist like Amelie can evoke on the dancefloor.

With ‘You and Me’, Amelie not only unveils another sonic masterpiece but also signs off on an extraordinary year of releases, underscoring her stature as a reigning force in the techno landscape, leaving us yearning for more.