Emerging DJ from France, TRYM cuts the boundaries between techno and trance. Owner of the label ‘COLOR’, he has quickly become renowned for his emphatic artistic preference, completely mirroring his personality; driven, powerful and polychronic. His latest creation titled ‘Trinity’, comes as the first-ever artist release on Amelie Lens’ hugely successful EXHALE, delivering a generous serving of hardened dancefloor energy and intrinsic euphorics.

The original of ‘Trinity’ (A1) instantly plunges you into the depths of TRYM’s undeniably unique sonic signature. Urgent industrious rhythms collide with a combination of atmospheric soundscapes, celestial vocal constructions and exhilarating melodic runs, carving out a hair- raising journey filled with rapturous emotions and endless peak-time danceability.

Amelie flips the script with a trademark spin on ‘Trinity’ (A2), centring around driving drum grooves, piercing percussive sequences and roaring analogue musicality. Flooding the mix with callous beats and ever-intensifying energy, its combination of techno prowess and climactic storytelling serves as a firm reminder of Amelie’s ability to produce show stopping big room tracks.

The release closes on ‘Beyond Light’ (B1), providing another blisteringly unique offering from Trym. Gliding effortlessly between uplifting transitions and potent vocal-led techno segments – it’s the perfect example of Trym’s ability to combine unsubmissive underground vibes with an unexampled stylistic identity.